zondag, november 16, 2008


National Geographic heeft Gent uitgeroepen tot wereldwijd derde meest authentieke plaats! Een bevestiging van wat wij al lang wisten natuurlijk. Over het belang van dergelijke lijstjes spreken we ons niet uit. Dit keer niet. ;-)

Belgium: Historic Center of Ghent

Score: 81

"An interesting range of cultural experiences: churches, medieval castle museums, and rich painting collections, well-preserved and -presented."

"A gloriously eclectic city, with an excellent mix of old and new buildings. Needs to work on interpretation and signing to explain and thus help conserve its treasures. Much improved fabric."

"Unlike its neighbor Bruges, Ghent has retained the character of a functioning city rather than an open-air museum."

"Aesthetic appeal is high particularly because the city has not turned into a mono-economy of tourism."

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